This program is designed to instruct AWP operators in the safe operations of their equipment.This course consists of classroom training, video presentation, written examination, hands-on training that includes site hazard evaluations, pre-operation equipment inspection, equipment function test and an operations performance evaluation of each operator. The customer must have an aerial lift available on site for the hands-on portion of this training. A machine can be provided per the customer's specs upon request. This course will cover the 3 main types of aerial lifts used in construction, manufacturing and general industry - Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts and Personnel Lifts (manual/push-around lifts).

A written test, a hands-on performance evaluation and a “Certificate of Completion” wallet card will be given to each participant upon successful completion of this course.  Employers will receive a roster list and course evaluation forms. Subjects to be covered are:


Aerial Lift Hazards Pre-Start Inspections Skills Evaluation
Aerial Lift Requirements Hazard Surveys Working Requirements
Training Requirements Falling Object Hazards Modifications
Frequent Inspections Moving Aerial Lifts Maintenance Requirements
Periodic Inspections Vehicle Stability Dynamic Stability






This is a four or more hour class depending on the number of students.