This course is designed to assist companies and their employees in understanding the requirements for providing emergency rescue services while performing work in confined spaces.

OSHA states:


An employer who designates rescue and emergency services, pursuant to paragraph (d)(9) of this section, shall:


Evaluate a prospective rescuer's ability to respond to a rescue summons in a timely manner, considering the hazard(s) identified;

Note to paragraph (k)(l)(i): What will be considered timely will vary according to the specific hazards involved in each entry. For example, §1910.134, Respiratory Protection, requires that employers provide a standby person or persons capable of immediate action to rescue employee(s) wearing respiratory protection while in work areas defined as IDLH atmospheres.

Attendees will be required to have had confined space awareness training prior to being trained as a rescuer.

Deaths often occur during rescue. Untrained workers attempt to rescue an entrant without the proper training and are often injured or killed in the confined space.

This course will provide the attendee with the basic understanding of the requirements of Confined Space Rescue so that the attendee can go to the next step of becoming fully trained in Confined Space Rescue.

Topics include:

  • Review of why Confined Spaces can be dangerous.
  • Assessment of the Space
  • Review of the 3 rescue techniques
    1. Non-entry
    2. Entry by Others
    3. Entry by Trained employees from the company
  • Review the PPE – Personal Protective Equipment that may be required for Confined Space Entry
  • Look at Response Time and the importance of Response time.
  • Become familiar with some of the Rescue Equipment that may be required in a CS Rescue.
  • Review the importance of Lockout Tagout or elimination and removal of potential hazards.
  • Review key points associated with a Confined Space Rescue Plan.

How to protect:

  • The Responder
  • The Victim
  • The Public and Control measures to keep all parties safe

Upon completion of the classroom portion of this class, companies are required to assure that persons assigned to rescue duties:

  • Obtain a physician’s approval or clearance to wear an SCBA.
  • Get fit tested.
  • Are provided with a rescue plan.
  • Become familiar with the confined spaces that you have at your facility or at the sites in which you will be working
  • Know what equipment and ppe will be necessary for each Confined Space, should a rescue be necessary.
  • Know the hazards associated with each confined space.
  • Know how to eliminate the hazards associated with the confined spaces.
  • Practice rescues with the type of equipment and in the types of spaces in which rescues are to be performed prior to being assigned as a rescuer and every 12 months thereafter.
  • Retrain when new confined spaces are added or when something regarding an existing confined space changes.

We would be happy in assisting you in meeting any of the above requirements.

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