This class can be offered as a four-hour or eight-hour class depending on the type of spaces you will be working in and what your responsibilities are.Both classes will provide individuals who work in or around confined spaces with important information about the risks and hazards associated with confined spaces Students will gain comprehensive knowledge on best practices and procedures to prevent and avoid possible incidents. Four-hour topics will include:


Dangers of Confined Spaces Alternative Procedures Atmospheric Testing
Confined Space Definitions Supervisor Duties Communication
Atmospheric Hazards Attendant Duties Entrant Duties
Atmosphere Requirements Rescue Requirements Completing Work
Physical Hazards Accessing the Space Training Requirements
Confined Space Posting Classifying Confined Spaces Confined Space Permits


The eight-hour class will include all the above subjects and also include respirator awareness, lockout/tagout, ventilation techniques, and discussions specific to the types of spaces being entered.