Most employers in the Oil and Gas and Construction industries have employees driving company vehicles as part of their daily activities. Many of these same employers spend little or no time addressing driving hazards in their safety training programs.

We also offer a specially designed course for commercial truck drivers.

Safe driving is more than just following traffic rules. It’s about actively engaging in what is going on around you while on the road. It’s not enough to simply react to a hazard once it presents itself; you need to recognize potential hazards before they can become a problem, allowing yourself the necessary time to react.

This course focuses on anticipating dangerous situations before they happen.


Topics  include:

  • Adhering to your companies Defensive Driving Program
  • Use of Seat Belts
  • Journey Management
  • Preventing Accidents
  • Spacing Between Other Vehicles
  • Using Mirrors and Changing Lanes Properly
  • Driving Safely in Bad Weather
  • Driving Safely at Night
  • Avoiding Fatigue
  • Effects of Driving Under the Influence
  • Contraband
  • Backing and Parking
  • Wildlife
  • In the Event of an Accident


 This is a four-hour course.