This course focuses on the Trenching and Excavation Safety Standard for the Construction Industry as described in OSHA 29 CFR ยง 1926 Subpart P and will address identification and correction of hazards, soil testing methods, trench protection systems, and general safety requirements.

Recent statistics show that the fatality rate for excavation construction work is at least 112% higher than that in other construction industries. To help excavation workers stay safe, OSHA has established standards and policies to require a competent person who is capable of identifying and eliminating hazards to be present at every excavation site.

All workers, employers, and supervisors whose jobs require them to be near excavation and trenching work will benefit from this course.


Topics include:


  • OSHA Requirements
  • Protective systems selection
  • Soil types and testing
  • Types of trench collapse
  • Safe work site practices



This class can be offered as a four-hour basic awareness or eight-hour excavation management course.